Below are all the posters submitted for the conference. You can zoom an individual poster by clicking on it.

Comparison of One- and Two-dimensional Models for Flood Mapping in Urban Environments

Balabanova et al.

Impact of the flood from 2010 on the groundwater level in the Rye Island

Cervenanska et al.

Modern Intra-annual Distribution of the Seasonal River Runoff at the Tisya Sub-basin

Goptsiy et al.

Extreme Low Flow Change Analysis on the Tysa River within Ukraine

Gorbachova et al.

Hydrochemical regime and water quality of the Danubian lake Katlabukh

Kichuk et al.

Spatial Analysis of Precipitation Distribution that Formed Floods on the Rivers of the Prut and Siret Basins (within Ukraine)

Korniienko et al.

Comparison of simulated discharge over Ogosta river basin using ground, satellite and merged data as precipitation input for the purpose of flood forecasting

Koshinchanov et al.

Climate Change Implications for the Flow Characteristics of Two Karst Catchments in Slovenia

Lebar et al.

Implementation of a Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network based hydrological model in a snow dominated Alpine basin

Leskovar et al.

Issues of Operational Hydrology in Ukraine in he Context of WMO Strategy and Organizational Arrangements for Hydrology and Water Resources

Manukalo et al.

Estimation of design discharges in terms of seasonality and length of time series

Mitková et al.

Peak Maximums on the Rivers of the Prut and Siret Basins (within Ukraine)

Moskalenko et al.

Study of Trends in the Time Series of Flood Runoff in the Tisza Basin Rivers within Ukraine

Ovcharuk et al.

Long-term Discharge Prognosis of Rivers in the Danube River Basin

Pekárová et al.

Long-term Tendencies and Annual Distribution of Water Regime, Suspended Sediments and Mineralization of the Low Danube Within the Ukrainian Part

Shakirzanova et al.

Hydrological Modelling for Water Balance Components Assessment


Ice monitoring and forecasting practices in the Danube River Basin

Szabo et al.

Public awareness about floods - High water marks

Ulaga et al.

Flood Frequency Analysis for Ukrainian and Austrian Danube Tributaries

Zabolotnia et al.