Presentations below are listed in the order in which they were presented at the conference.

Data: traditional & emerging, measurement, management & analysis

Topic Author
Water governance in transition Mitja Brilly
Small Scale Rivers and their impact on the Danube River Basin Lucija Plantak
Low Flow Analysis of the Drava River Valentina Sekelj
Estimation of spatio-temporal variability of the minimum water runoff of rivers in the Prut basin (within Ukraine) Kostiantyn Sokolchuk
Interactions of water chemistry in headwaters with wetlands: Comparative study for selected Czech mountains Katerina Fraindova
Influence of 30-year reference periods on characteristic periodic discharges Mira Kobold
The climate change in the Ukrainian part of the Danube River basin and its possible impact on the river runoff Viktor Vyshnevskyi

Current status of the hydrological basis of the Danube water management (gauge network and water ecosystem)

Topic Author
Hydrological modelling to investigate climate change as part of transboundary river sediment management: Case study of the Thaya River Basin Czech Republic Martin Bednar
Changes in selected low-flow characteristics in period 2001-2015 compared with reference period 1961-2000 in Slovakia Lotta Blaskovicova
Hydrological analysis of the Danube regime on the section through the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Serbia Marija Sperac
Relation of influencing variables and general weather conditions on response of rainfall partitioning by birch and pine trees Katarina Zabret
Qualitative analysis of surface waters of Danube river (within borders of Ukraine) Igor Gopchak

New developments in hydrological forecasting and enabling hydrological work in the Danube catchment

Topic Author
Rainfall thresholds related to pluvial flooding in urban areas – case study in the city of Zagreb, Croatia Tena Kovacic
Developing probabilistic long-term forecasts for the upper Danube waterway Barbara Frielingsdorf
Proposal of flood risk assessment methodology in the study time period Maria Sugarekova
Improvement of the operational HEC-HMS hydrological model embedde in the Flood Forecasting and Warning System of the Sava River Basin Mirza Sarac
Implementation of a Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network based hydrological model in a snow dominated Alpine basin. Karlo Leskovar
WEB.BM – Introducing a new tool and a new paradigm for using optimization to revise reservoir operating rules and improve real time operation Nesa Ilich

Learning about hydrological extremes: then, now & in the future

Topic Author
Possibilities of controlling the storage function of the reservoir using a combination of dispatching graphs and a prediction model Matej Hon
Climatology of the extreme heavy precipitation events in Slovakia in the 1951 – 2020 period Ladislav Markovic
Analysis of Low-Flow Extremes on the German Danube Martin Helms
SWICCA data in climate change impact study on 100-year floods Eva Kopacikova